The Shooters package is for that hard core hunter and target shooter that is always changing it up. The shooter package includes the following, starting out at $295 that saves you money right off the bat. Also includes free matching scope back engraving if you choose to have it engraving done!

Fully customized Stealth41 & your choice of aditional scope back for quick set up swaping!


Introducing the Stealth41 Archery Scope: The Ultimate Customizable Solution for Bowhunters and Target Archers

The Stealth41 archery scope was born from the desire to offer a truly customizable optic that caters to individual needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all design. Our innovative single stack triple fiber post provides a 3-pin sight that accommodates most hunting bow speeds, ensuring optimal accuracy and precision.

Key Features:

  • 5 Steel Drop Pins for Various Bow Speeds: Choose from 5 different drop pins, ranging from 310-270 FPS, to help match your bow's sight tape and eliminate the guesswork of extreme pin gaps. Pins are removable and interchangeable, see last image with pin chart to help you choose which pin to use based on your sight tape.
  • Quick Scope Back Swapping: Our tight tolerances allow you to change your scope back without needing to re-sight in your bow, enabling on-the-fly pin position adjustments. Easily switch between target and hunting setups with a simple scope back swap.
  • Enhanced Fiber Brightness: We've added an extra 6 inches of fiber to the standard 12 inches found in most scopes, giving you a total of 18 inches of fiber per yardage. This ensures brighter fibers in low light conditions and adjustable brightness with our smooth rheostat during brighter hours.
  • 8 Pin positions
  • Adjustable rheostat for optimal light
  • Accepts a 1.665 lens, has additional hole for center drilled lens
  • Textured inside to reduce light glare.
  • Threaded on both ends for sunshades
  • Ambidextrous, removable bubble level for easy bottom or top level positions 
  • Lifetime Warranty & Customization: Each Stealth41 scope comes with a lifetime warranty and the option to send it back for custom engraving or coating in various colors and camo patterns.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: The Stealth41 is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States.

Please allow 2-3 business days for your order to be completed, as each scope is built to order. Custom engraving and colors may require additional processing time, depending on the design and Cerakote lead times.

Upgrade your archery experience with the Stealth41 scope, the ultimate customizable solution for bowhunters and target archers. Shop now and enhance your accuracy and precision with this innovative archery optic.

Copyright and Trademark Note
Please note that for our custom engraving products, we cannot accept copyrighted or trademarked designs without written approval from the owner. If you wish to use such designs, kindly obtain the necessary permissions and provide us with the written approval to proceed with your order. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring that we respect intellectual property rights. Dark Owl Archery will not be held liable if you steal material to engrave on your scope.

No Returns on Engraved Scopes
Please note that due to the custom nature of engraved scopes, we are unable to accept returns on these items. We kindly ask for your understanding, as each engraved scope is uniquely personalized to your specifications. We encourage you to double-check your engraving details before finalizing your order to ensure complete satisfaction with your purchase.

   Scope Mounting Options

- Axcel Sights- Requires .49 scope rod
- HHA Sights- Requires the UV-Micro mount
- Spot Hogg- (old style) Requires .375 scope rod 
-Spot Hogg (new Style) UV no rod mount
- B3 Exact- Direct fit
- CBE Vertix- Direct fit 
- Black Gold competition sights- Direct fit
-UV Slider- Direct fit requires our 10-24 screw
-Dialed Arxos- Requires offset bracket
-CBE Trek Pro (rotate scope barrel 90 degrees)


New Bow/Sight pin selection charts


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