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Which sights does the Stealth41 fit?
- Axcel Sights- Requires .49 scope rod
- HHA Sights- Requires the UV-Micro mount
- Spot Hogg- (old Style)Requires .375 scope rod
-Spot Hogg- (new Style) UV no rod mount
- B3 Exact- Direct fit
-CBE Trek Pro- rotate scope barrel 90 Degrees
- CBE Vertix- Direct fit
- Black Gold competition sights- Direct fit
-UV Slider- Direct fit requires our 10-24 screw
-Dialed Arxos- Requires offset bracket
Also fits most competion sights with corresponding scope barrel
I just got my scope and now I want to customize it?
No problem! At anytime time that you own your Stealth41 you can send it back for customization. Whether its custom engraving or you want to change up the colors we’ll take care of you. Simply fill out our DOA custom form, mail in your scope with the form and we will be in contact with you about your customization needs. (Pricing on custom colors and engraving designs vary depending on requests)
What's the lead time on the Stealth41?
All scopes are built to order so please allow 7-10 days to complete your order. Custom engraving and Cerakote is dependent on design and Cerakote lead times. Our coatings are locally outsource and all custom engraving is done in house.
What's the process for custom engraving?
We at DOA are all about making your scope stand out, we are committed to staying in contact with customers, sending renderings and not engraving your scope until you are 100% satisfied with your design we present you. Once you approve the design we will laser engrave it and get it shipped out to you. Cost of each design will vary depending on complexity but we will upfront with an estimate before any work is done.
Which pin do I choose?
The DOA Drop-pin is a simple solution to the problem many stagnate scope pins have, instead of just dealing with pin gaps that make no sense we decided to set up 5 pins in 10fps incerments from 310-270fps to meet the needs of most hunters set ups. Simply pick the pin that is closest to your bow sight tape (see our pin chart), sight in your 20 yard pin and your 30 and 40 should be on or close. If you are between pins you can choose to pick the faster or slower pin depending on if you prefer your gaps to be slightly smaller than 10yards or slightly larger than 10 yards. (Example: Your bow is shooting 278fps going to a 280 pin your pin gaps would be closer to 20-31-42 and if you went to a 270 pin your gaps would closer to 20-29-38) Note: The difference in these gaps with bows in these speeds are just a matter of a few inches usually at these distances.
What pin do I pick for a new bow set up?
Youll need 3 measurement to do so.
1. Distance between center of arrow and center of peep. Either 3.5in, 4in, or 4.5in round down or up to match closest to one of these 3 distances
2. Current bow speed (Not IBO speeds)
3. Sight radius (distance between center of scope mounting point and and center of peep)
See our our 3 charts separated by peep to arrow distances.
What if my pin isnt close to what I need?
No problem! we offer a 30 day exchange of the pin to the orginal owner of the scope. All we ask is that you cover the cost of the fibers ($4.00) and the shipping to us. We'll take care of the rest.
How do I swap pins?
The fastest way to swap pins is to order an aditional scope back with a different pin configuration. This allows to swap setups in under a minute, but the cheaper way is more of a changing set ups very seldomly. That would be the pin only option. below is a video on how to change out pins.
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